Uncategorized Will the market burst and crash?   Will the market burst and crash? In the last month, the Google search, “When is the housing market going to crash?” is up 2450%!  It’s a fair question when, according to Redfin, 42% of homes nationally are selling for more than list price.  And many buyers are willing to bridge the gap between agreed […]
Uncategorized Can you buy before you sell? Start by getting prequalified. This way you’ll know if it is an option to purchase a home before selling your existing property. Also, this will give you time to weigh your options before pricing your home and putting it on the market. Contact me for a referral to a trusted local lender. Making a Contingent […]
Uncategorized Prepare For Buying! Buying a home is an expensive proposition. Down payments and closing costs can easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars — and that doesn’t even factor in the fact that you’ll have home maintenance and mortgage payments to make when the dust settles after your big move. I work with folks a year […]
Uncategorized Office is (now) at Home   More and more people are working from home and many have shifted to it permanently. When You Need to Set Up Shop Quickly Reworking space in your home is the fastest solution but you may need some essential equipment first. It makes sense to start with big ticket items first. That way you’ll have […]
Uncategorized 6 Tax Time Tips   To paraphrase a popular adage, the only two certainties in life are death and taxes. While tax time can be stressful for some people, having certain knowledge ahead of time can soften some of the financial blow. We’re referring to lesser-known tax deductions. As you gather paperwork to file your 2020 taxes, keep these […]
Uncategorized Will Mortgage Rates Rise in 2021? With mortgage interest rates hitting record lows so many times recently, some are wondering if we’ll see low rates continue throughout 2021, or if they’ll start to rise. Recently, Freddie Mac released their quarterly forecast, noting: “The average 30-year fixed-rate mortgage hit a record low over a dozen times in 2020 and the low interest rate environment is projected to […]
Uncategorized Equity is WAY up! Buy A Home, Build Wealth   Every year, households across the country make the decision to rent for another year or take the leap into homeownership. They look at their earnings and savings and then decide what makes the most financial sense. That equation will most likely take into consideration monthly housing costs, tax advantages, and other incremental expenses. Using […]
Uncategorized Record interest rates driving the real estate market? Low interest rates continue to increase opportunities for home buyers to either afford their first home, upgrade, or rake in the benefits of selling their existing residence with a high return and locating their retirement home. With inventory low, how does this impact the market with high demand? Sam Khater, Freddie Mac’s Chief Economist says, […]
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Uncategorized Selling Your Home Over The Holiday Season Selling your home during the holidays is loaded with pros and cons. Your agent may recommend keeping your home on the market because “you’ll know the buyers are serious.” That may be true in some areas, but keep in mind that real estate agents always want your home on the market, regardless of whether it’s […]
Uncategorized Declutter To Feel Better! Whether you telecommute or go to an office, your home should feel like a breath of fresh air, a peaceful haven where you can relax and unwind at the end of the day. But instead, there’s clutter everywhere, clogging the shelves, the cupboards, your closets and every surface where you look. Ugh. Not relaxing at […]
Uncategorized How To Make A Small Space Seem Bigger   It’s not unusual to want your home to feel bigger and roomier than it is. Maybe you want your studio apartment not to feel so small. Maybe you want your small house to feel a little bigger. Maybe you hope your mansion will feel like the larger mansion next door. Whatever brings you to […]
Uncategorized Delicious Breakfast Recipes Whether you want to serve breakfast family-style at your dining room table or bring breakfast to your significant other in bed, these 5 recipes are sure to please. Tater Tot Breakfast Bake Major Ingredients Broccoli Bell Pepper Cheddar Cheese Eggs Half and Half Frozen Tater Tots This delicious looking veggie-packed breakfast casserole is sure to […]
Uncategorized Plants That Are Really Hard To Kill I tell everyone, I love planting things and love the look and how plants/flowers make me feel, but I can seriously kill a cactus.   Do you have a knack for killing houseplants? Does your lawn look like a post-apocalyptic dry zone complete with dead grass and holes where the flowers used to be? Maybe […]
Uncategorized What Loan Is Best For You? Not all loans are created equal. There are dozens of loan programs that you can choose from between purchasing a new home, building one, or refinancing your current home. It all depends on your needs and situation. In this article, we will go over the most common loan programs. When you decide it’s time for […]
Uncategorized Perform A Home Self-Inspection! Very Important! Look at your home top to bottom with a home inspector’s eyes. Review as much as you can prior to putting your home on the market and/or prior to the home inspection process with a buyer. You would be surprised how a buyer perceives your home when a long list of minor issues adds up […]
Uncategorized 7 Jobs You Can Hire Without Face-To-Face   Warm weather and sunnier days are here! These outdoor jobs allow contractors to come to your home and work without needing them to enter your home and interaction is minimal. Lawn and Yard Work – Spruce up your landscaping. Mulch. Plant a tree or remove one. Gutter Cleaning – This is excellent maintenance to […]
Uncategorized You got the house…and want to back out…Now what?! Buyer’s remorse is seriously the worst. That 80-inch television was just so dazzlingly clear, magical even, hanging on the Best Buy wall. And 10 percent off? Who could have passed up such a fantastic deal? Obviously, not you. But unlike pricey electronics that can be placed back in the box and returned to the store […]
Uncategorized Home Inspection: What You Should Know! There are a multitude of steps to climb on your way to the finalized purchase of a home, and the home inspection is one of the most important. Different from a home appraisal, the inspection provides homebuyers with a detailed list of existing issues contained within a given property. An experienced professional adept at identifying both […]
Uncategorized Let’s hide that litter box! How?   Cats make wonderful pets. Whether they are affectionate or aloof, they bring joy and humor to any home. As a member of the family, you love them. As the cleaner of their litter box, life could be better. It’s an eyesore, and we tend to try and hide it away in a small room […]
Uncategorized 7 Questions to ask your lender If you want the best deal possible in a business situation, start by asking the right questions. The things you ask your Loan Officer can help to guide your conversations and ultimately result in a great transaction. Your LO wants you to be happy. He or she would love for you to leave the closing table feeling […]