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What to Expect at Your New Home

Perform A Home Self-Inspection! Very Important!

By Kristin Bergunder | May 27, 2020

Look at your home top to bottom with a home inspector’s eyes. Review as much as you can prior to putting your home on the market and/or prior to the home inspection process with a buyer. You would be surprised how a buyer perceives your home when a long list of minor issues adds up […]

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Pressure Wash Your Home Exterior

7 Jobs You Can Hire Without Face-To-Face

By Kristin Bergunder | May 27, 2020

  Warm weather and sunnier days are here! These outdoor jobs allow contractors to come to your home and work without needing them to enter your home and interaction is minimal. Lawn and Yard Work – Spruce up your landscaping. Mulch. Plant a tree or remove one. Gutter Cleaning – This is excellent maintenance to […]

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You got the house…and want to back out…Now what?!

By Kristin Bergunder | Feb 28, 2020

Buyer’s remorse is seriously the worst. That 80-inch television was just so dazzlingly clear, magical even, hanging on the Best Buy wall. And 10 percent off? Who could have passed up such a fantastic deal? Obviously, not you. But unlike pricey electronics that can be placed back in the box and returned to the store […]

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Home Inspection: What You Should Know!

By Kristin Bergunder | Feb 4, 2020

There are a multitude of steps to climb on your way to the finalized purchase of a home, and the home inspection is one of the most important. Different from a home appraisal, the inspection provides homebuyers with a detailed list of existing issues contained within a given property. An experienced professional adept at identifying both […]

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Let’s hide that litter box! How?

By Kristin Bergunder | Jan 17, 2020

  Cats make wonderful pets. Whether they are affectionate or aloof, they bring joy and humor to any home. As a member of the family, you love them. As the cleaner of their litter box, life could be better. It’s an eyesore, and we tend to try and hide it away in a small room […]

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7 Questions to ask your lender

By Kristin Bergunder | Dec 16, 2019

If you want the best deal possible in a business situation, start by asking the right questions. The things you ask your Loan Officer can help to guide your conversations and ultimately result in a great transaction. Your LO wants you to be happy. He or she would love for you to leave the closing table feeling […]

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Fixed Rate VS Adjustable Rate Mortgage

By Kristin Bergunder | Jul 1, 2019

Buying a home is overwhelming – plain and simple. There are just so many decisions to make. When is a good time to buy? What neighborhoods are on the upswing? How old is too old? How much is too much? Are we truly fixer-upper kind of people? How badly do we need a fenced yard? Do the […]

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Preparation To Sell: THIS IS IMPORTANT!

By Kristin Bergunder | May 15, 2019

The term “seller’s market” is something we have heard a lot over the past couple years, but does that mean you put forth less effort to market your home properly…NO! Favorable interest rates and an influx of millennial buyers have created demand for houses as well as home loans. Now is a GREAT time to […]

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Pre-Qualifications vs Pre-Approval – What’s the Difference?

By Kristin Bergunder | May 3, 2019

Mortgage industry terms—there are many and it can be hard to make sense of them, especially when they seem so similar. Pre-qualification and pre-approval are often used interchangeably, but there are some major differences between the two. Both options can be helpful to your Realtor and other mortgage professionals while shopping for a home, but […]

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Home Improvement Return On Investment Misconception

By Kristin Bergunder | Apr 11, 2019

I get asked this A LOT…..how much money am I going to get back if I remodel, or if I upgrade my kitchen counter tops and paint my cabinets, replace my flooring, etc.? A question I ALWAYS ask in my design consultations is what the foreseeable future looks like. Are we upgrading or modifying for […]

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