Uncategorized May 27, 2020

7 Jobs You Can Hire Without Face-To-Face

Pressure Wash Your Home Exterior


Warm weather and sunnier days are here! These outdoor jobs allow contractors to come to your home and work without needing them to enter your home and interaction is minimal.

  1. Lawn and Yard Work – Spruce up your landscaping. Mulch. Plant a tree or remove one.
  2. Gutter Cleaning – This is excellent maintenance to do after the Fall and Winter months.
  3. Exterior Painting – Extend the life of your exterior trim or apply a new color to give your home a face lift!
  4. Fencing – Need a new fence? Or repair to existing.
  5. Decks and Porches – Decks, patios, porches….all work can be done fairly quick and other than the initial plan, very little to follow up with during the process.
  6. Siding – How is what you have on your home holding up? Do you like the color and material?
  7. Power Wash – You would be amazed what a good power wash will do for a fence, deck, or concrete walk way.