Uncategorized March 26, 2019

Why You Need An Agent For New Construction

One of the questions buyers often wonder is whether it is necessary to have a buyer’s agent when purchasing new construction. The answer is a resounding yes!  Some don’t even think about it or realize you can and should use a buyer’s agent when considering building.

As with any home purchase, there are too many potential pitfalls, hidden risks, and complications involved in the process to guarantee a good result unless you have experienced help.

It is vital to have a list of questions to ask a builder before moving forward. The answers to these questions could have a dramatic impact on whether you enjoy your home building experience or end up a frustrated mess!

Your agent can help ensure you hire the right builder. With new construction just about anything can go wrong. You are, after all, building a home that takes a while to construct. There are a number of things that can cause problems including weather, labor shortages, as well as issues with materials.

While you can choose to work with any real estate agent, having someone in your corner with experience selling new construction can be a huge asset! A buyer’s agent can guide you on appropriate upgrades and plan modifications, as well as choosing the right neighborhood and lot location. Many buyers do not realize when they drive by a new neighborhood and see “Homes Starting At” what is not included in the base package price.

Real estate purchases involve a lot of paperwork, documents that can be confusing and overwhelming. Your agent will make sure all the paperwork is filled and filed correctly. They will also ensure you are fully educated on the warranty policy offered by the builder and will address questions you may not think to ask.

The agent at the builder’s site represents the builder, not you. You do not want to go directly to the listing agent in most circumstances, so why would you not consider a buyer’s agent for new construction?  When buying any home it is always wise to have an exclusive buyer’s representative in your corner working hard for your best interests.