Uncategorized January 23, 2019

Deferred Maintenance or Updating?

Too often clients planning to sell their home confuse the difference between deferred maintenance and updating.  When was the last time you had your furnace maintenance? Cleaned your duct work or carpets? How about the paint chipping on exterior trim? While many homes that are “updated” tend to sell faster, do not ignore maintenance and upkeep of home ownership.  When it comes time to sell, some of my clients are surprised at the cost of to take care of deferred maintenance.

Being you live in the home daily, dirty siding, cracked mortar joints, or paint touch ups may not be as noticeable to you, but they are VERY important for the next buyer. I try to help my clients understand the cost and obligation associated with the musts in order to move on to what we need to do in terms of updating.  The cleanliness of your home is also a representation of how well you may have, or may not have, taken care of other aspects of the home. I am speaking in terms of return vents, blinds, base boards, interior of appliances and light fixtures, etc. being cleaned…the things you don’t think about regularly when you put in a pair of earbuds and go to town with the vacuum or Swiffer on a Saturday afternoon.

Transforming your house from a home to a product (to sell) can be a challenge for some, especially those with a busy lifestyle, children, two full-time working adults, pets, etc. Planning ahead is key to avoid stressful crunch time. I offer very helpful and easy to follow guidelines for all of my clients in terms of prepping to sell, being ready for inspection, and staging your home for showings.

I would be honored to help you!