Uncategorized January 2, 2019

Keep Pests Out

The cool temps have arrived and there are armies of pests busy looking for ways to infiltrate our homes. We can take steps to avoid the bands of bugs and vermin hoping to claim our dwelling for themselves.

Seal It Up

While this tactic is relatively time-consuming, expending the energy to seal up your windows, doors and foundation is definitely effective. Without easy entry, pests hoping for a new home will have to go next door. As an added benefit, you will also increase your energy efficiency, thus lowering your heating and cooling bills, while also protecting your home against water damage resulting from leaky foundations. There are DIY options out there for the aspiring handyman, but plenty of companies specialize in this type of work, as well.

Keep a Clean House

It’s easier said than done, but keeping your home clean is a great way to help prevent pests. Understanding that a lot of common household nuisances are attracted to food (think ants and mice), it is essential to keep your non-perishable items in airtight containers and promptly clean up spills and kitchen messes. Maintaining a tidier home can alert you to potential problems much sooner, too, as bugs have fewer places to hide, helping you avoid an all-out infestation by catching the issue early.

Make Fleas Flee

Fleas are right up there with bed bugs and head lice when it comes to the amount of work it takes to rid your home of infestation. Because of this, prevention is your best bet. Pet owners of both indoor and outdoor animals should be vigilant with monthly anti-flea meds. Use of these products is encouraged throughout the winter months, as well, since unforeseen thaws and warmer temps are all it takes for eggs to hatch. A few bucks a month will save you a huge hassle and extermination bill down the road – not to mention hours of itching.

Preventative Treatment

There are several products at various retail stores that will stop pests and insects from wanting to enter your home. Utilizing these at key times throughout the year is very beneficial. There are also Professionals who offer a regular routine service to take care of this for you.